2015 solo exhibition at Atomica Gallery in Soho, central London. Consisting of twelve A1, original drawings, made over a two year period, when I was determined to incorporate some colour into my work. Each piece crafted for the exhibition took at least a full week from start to finish. Using a mixture of materials, such as a calligraphy pen and watercolour crayons, I managed to inject a pretty serious colour palate into my Fauxmance tribe. "With a knack for creating captivating long-limbed and loose-lipped characters that demand closer contemplation, Pearce has spent the last few years developing his skills and technique to present a new series of works for his exhibition. Physically entangled and seemingly united by a sense of joyful abandon, Pearce's new 'Fauxmance' tribe have an androgynous quality with complex and menacing dynamics at play."